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Building on the foundation – True to the legacy

Amy Harris's take on our ego-state model


This is an email that Jut sent to his chosen few about a conversation he had with Amy Harris (Tom Harris's wife [I'm OK – You're OK] and author of Staying OK.) Amy hadn't been in touch with Jut since he removed himself from the TA limelight to pursue other things years before this. The conversation occurred in 2006 and was reported on below in an email message.1


Well Gang,

Elissa and I just experienced one of those serendipitous days that roll around every once in a while that you can't predict but that often change the course of your lives.


Because Charles Baldwin at Wal-Mart has been concerned about whether or not TA jargon translates well into foreign languages, we've been trying to set his mind at ease by coming up with an estimate of how many languages I'm OK - You're OK has been translated into. So, a few days ago, Elissa phoned the ITAA, one thing led to another, and some clerk gave her the phone number of Tom Harris' widow, Amy Harris (who also wrote a book of her own entitled "Staying OK").


Elissa phoned Amy Wednesday afternoon, spent two hours on the phone with her discussing every subject under the sun they both could think of, and when they hung up they were pretty much joined at the hip. After learning of the conversation, I decided to phone Amy Wednesday evening, and, after spending two hours on the phone with her discussing every subject that she and I could possibly think of, Amy and I are also now joined at the hip. It was quite a remarkable day.


Turns out she thinks [all the "standard" TA circles within circles that all of us have never liked either] … have done nothing but make TA more confusing ever since Eric Berne died. Turns out, when I asked her who came up with the concept that when we're born our memory mechanism starts recording things as if it's a "two track stereo tape recorder," she replied, "I think Tom and I did." Once I heard her say that, I had no trouble explaining our four-ego-state model to her, because I pointed out to her that all I did was lift those two tracks up and stick them, together, as the top two ego states in the four-ego-state model. I told her, "Since they're recorded simultaneously, why not draw them together, and identify them as our two ego states that "live in the past"?


Then, why not pair off our remaining two ego states and identify them as the ones that "live in the present," since everyone in the TA movement knows that they do? Then she started talking about how she and Tom championed Jack Dusay, when he developed the concept of egograms, and she said, "Well, Jack had FIVE ego states." So, four aren't too hard for her to swallow."


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1 The text of the email message has been shortened, and a few personal references have been deleted.

2 Jut Meininger's TA Masterpiece Clarity is being readied for publication. Stay on our email list for updates.