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(TA Basics for executives) 12 month training by email/phone 50 sessions.


Life Mastery Systems (TA Basics for family, counselors, home school, pastors, etc.) 12 month guided email/phone training 50 sessions.

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Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model:

Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark



Listen! You're Trying to tell YOU Something (The Board Meeting in Your Head), Edmundson, Hallmark, Connor



TEAMWORK The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team (Looking at your team from another perspective) Edmundson, Hallmark

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How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad? (TA reading book especially for ages 3-7) Danna G. Hallmark



How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.



Dan Schultheis
Human Relations


Bombarding your people with this seminar, that seminar; this speaker, that speaker; this subject, that subject for the purpose of making them "behave in public"  --  That’s NOT a strategy.


Plying them with one platitude after another doesn’t work.  Providing them with one acronym after another on brightly-colored brochures never seems to stick.  Bringing in speakers in three-piece suits, with briefcases, power points, and laser pointers to bore them with the same ole same ole has never done the job.  If it did, you’d have no need to look for other material.

You’re NOT a lion tamer!  Put the whip and chair away.  You don’t have to resort to disciplinary measures to help your people.  You can’t just keep verbally beating on your people with useless time-wasting rhetoric to make them behave.  There’s got to be a better way!  There’s got to be an easier way!


There is……

Your people are good people. They simply need to be shown a way:

  • to recognize REALITY and
  • to utilize REASON. They simply need a way
  • to establish CLARITY in their corporate lives.

They need basic skills they can build on that will serve them in the work place, but can also help them live more fulfilling personal and private lives. To give them this, you need a strategy.


The tool Dan Schultheis uses to establish this strategy is

Once you learn the rudiments of this simple-to-use tool it will automatically become part of your life, part of your way of doing, and can very easily become part of the way you run your business. Once it does that, it will become a part of your way of thinking and will, then automatically benefit you as well as all those who come in contact with you in your everyday life, whether it's home, clubs and associations, personal, or casual encounters – as you move through life.

We have a saying about seminars: "If you don't take message home in your head, there's very little reason to take it home in your briefcase." In other words, if you don't carry out of the seminar room something you already use automatically as part of the way you think, it will do you very little good to take home any of the literature. You'll more than likely never find the time to go over it later.


* What is a strategy?

Strategy is the art of devising or employing plans, visions, ideas, resources, and other assets for their most efficient and effective use toward a specific goal. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.


Strategy in war is not just winning skirmishes and battles, but rather winning those skirmishes and battles toward an overall, known, planned objective – that of winning the war. Battles are fought at strategic places to use resources as efficiently as possible for the overall goal.


In Human Resources, Human Relations, or Public Relations, providing seminars, learning opportunities and training for the people in your care is not effective unless there is an overall plan or strategy behind it. Just as fighting this battle and that skirmish without any plan behind the actions simply wastes the lives of men and your resources; so spending your department budget on this and that without an overall plan or strategy for value added is a waste.


Typical Afternoon Session

Same-Ole Seminar

Give your people something to look

forward to, not to dread.

Stop wasting your time and the

company's money.

Stop fighting battles with no

victory in mind.


We have a strategic tool for you.

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