Transactional Analysis

The Four Ego-States Model


Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark


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Listen! You're Trying to tell YOU Something (The Board Meeting in Your Head), Edmundson, Hallmark, Connor



TEAMWORK The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team (Looking at your team from another perspective) Edmundson, Hallmark

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How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad? (TA reading book especially for ages 3-7) Danna G. Hallmark



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How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.



How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad?

By Danna G. Hallmark


There are shelves full of books about children's behavior. The book stores, schools, and psychiatrist offices are choked with them. Each of these books attempts to tell the reader what is going on with the child when some sort of behavior is observed. This is all well and good. But, it is passing strange that very few times has someone approached the subject from the opposite side - showing the child how his brain works, how his thinking processes work, and why they work like they work. Danna G. Hallmark has developed such a book. Maybe, for the first time there is a way to reach a child in his language, at his pace - from the inside out. Danna's book How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad? does just that.


The book is designed to be interactive. As you read to your child, or as they read to you, they will have opportunity to think about the content and draw and color (repeat) what they have learned immediately. AND, very importantly, your child is left feeling good about himself. After reading this book, he will understand how he thinks and why he does what he does – that is important for us all to know.