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The Four Ego-States Model


Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark


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Listen! You're Trying to tell YOU Something (The Board Meeting in Your Head), Edmundson, Hallmark, Connor



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How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad? (TA reading book especially for ages 3-7) Danna G. Hallmark



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How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.


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Danna G. Hallmark


Writing can be a tedious, time-consuming and, sometimes, a lonely chore – transferring into a written form the essence of a myriad bits and pieces picked up and assembled over what might be several decades, or a lifetime. Sometime you find yourself alone – just you, your thoughts, and your keyboard, struggling to put some of your related "ah-hahs" together for that one chance you have to transfer them to the mind of another more easily and concisely than they came to you -- to hopefully enrich them in some way.


So, why am I bothering?


My intention:

Through my children's books, I intend to simplify the basic concepts of some of today's valuable "how-to" methods in order to make them understandable to young minds. I am developing a series of books for young children, which identify prevalent problems and give them basic answers to those bugaboos now addressed by adult self-help books -- before these problems become affixed in their young lives.


Help them before they need help:

From the reactions of my great nephew and my grand niece (now ages five and six) to what I teach them verbally about themselves and the world around them, I think that I can easily write entertaining and "fun" books that teach children about who they are and how they fit into the world they live in. I am also convinced that children will request more of my books after they read the first one, or have it read to them.


What kids want:

Recently I had occasion to keep my "great" and "grand" company in a medical waiting room while their grandmother was with the doctor. While waiting, they asked me to read to them from a basket of children's books available there. Although they typically are astute and bright and knowledgeable beyond their years, I quickly noticed that they grew distant and easily distracted as I read many of the books, but became extremely interested in only two of them. (Although they were politely quiet, I could determine their interest by their body language when they drew closer to me or if they looked off into the distance, swung their legs and so forth.) The two books that captured their interest presented in a clear, concise manner a complete concept about the world or some situation with a purpose – they were, if you will, learning books, not storybooks.


AND, (I thought this was especially interesting) the lesson that stuck with them best (that they remembered later when a similar situation arose) came from the book that used the word "you" in it. The lesson from the other book that they found interesting used a turtle as the subject. That lesson did not become a part of them like the "you" book did.


No end to the possibilities (I'll just ask the kids):

I plan to have all my books "Kid Approved" before they are published – and identify them as such. I have a panel of children, ages four through eleven, who read my drafts before they are submitted and aid me in finding vague passages, age-inappropriate words, and other possible stumbling blocks to each book's success. Some of these children are already helping me with subject matter, ideas, wants, needs, and ways to make learning fun. Several of them have voiced the intention of becoming authors themselves already. Gotta love that! I look forward to listing them in my books as consultants. Won't this be fun – for everyone!?!


I have several books on the market:


Do you need a book? Do you have ideas of books that are needed by youngster? Let me know.