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Dr. Daniel Trussell Ph.D., MBA, LPC, NCC
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Online and Distance Learning



(TA Basics for executives) 12 month training by email/phone 50 sessions.


Life Mastery Systems (TA Basics for family, counselors, home school, pastors, etc.) 12 month guided email/phone training 50 sessions.

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Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model:

Transactional Analysis The Four Ego-States Model [Kindle Edition] By Danna G. Hallmark



Listen! You're Trying to tell YOU Something (The Board Meeting in Your Head), Edmundson, Hallmark, Connor



TEAMWORK The Five Assurances of a Functioning Team (Looking at your team from another perspective) Edmundson, Hallmark

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How Do I Feel Happy? How Do I Feel Sad? (TA reading book especially for ages 3-7) Danna G. Hallmark



How to Run Your Own Life, many considers the most useful do-it-yourself book ever written; by one of America's foremost executive coaches. The author, Jut Meininger was listed by "Businessweek" as a top TA guru in the US.


A 12-month teleseminar series from the popular book

Listen! You're Trying To Tell YOU Something

The Board Meeting in Your Head

Edmundson, Hallmark, Connor


The KEY is a special user-friendly, applied version of a method called Transactional Analysis. If you learn how to use the system we have produced from it, you will bring much more clarity into your life. It will enable you to:

• Communicate more clearly with yourself as well as with others

• Assess people and situations more quickly and accurately

• Reduce the stress and emotions of your business decisions

• Make more profitable decisions than you have made in the past

• Grow your people and your business more quickly


This training material based on the book Listen! You're Trying to Tell YOU Something that I wrote with a couple of colleagues. So, why did I decide to base the foundation training series on this book? Why do I think this is valuable and relative to your life? And, why would you want to take this series? Why did I spend the extra time and money to develop the book further into this training series for you?



Once you learn the concept of the KEY and the basics of this simple-to-use method, it will automatically become part of your life, part of your way of doing, and can very easily become part of the way you run your business. And once it does that, it will become a part of your way of thinking and will, then automatically benefit you as well as all those who come in contact with you in your everyday experience, whether it's home, clubs and associations, personal, or casual encounters -- as you move through life.


I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
— Robert J. McCloskey


Although humorous, the above quote is so true. Miscommunication is rampant. Much time and money are used to try to remedy these situations and much money and profit go down the drain as a result of these problems.


In large part we have found that most systems and coaching mechanisms that are available today attempt to offer you formulas, that is, things to do or say to correct certain situation, one at a time, situation by situation. Each of these methods imparts a list of dos and don'ts, actions and counter actions, in an attempt to guide you to artificially adjust each situation you encounter with no consideration of the overall human interaction – no thought for the overall picture of what is actually happening in the situation.


The KEY is a course of studies lasting a full year with easily understandable lessons in Human Interaction Analysis geared to executives, CEOs, trainers, managers, and others in leadership roles. Each week you will receive clearly laid-out material, easily read and comprehended, followed by a 30 minute one-on-one session with your mentor that enables you to discuss the concept and ask the questions you need to have answered at your own pace and comfort level.


The developers of this unique system have witnessed firsthand the seemingly endless problems with communicating and decision making in all walks of life. THE KEY is a solution to those problems – a tool.


What you will take away from these studies is a method that you can employ to greatly enhance your communicating capabilities, and your decision making processes, as well as facilitate all your other dealings in all facets of your life.


Once you learn the rudiments of this simple-to-use tool it will automatically become part of your life, part of your way of doing, and part of the way you run your business. And once it does that, it will become a part of your way of thinking and will, then automatically benefit you as well as all those who come in contact with you every day, whether it's at home, with clubs and associations, in personal or casual encounters -- as you move through life.


You will take from this course the ability to listen to and understand the input of each of the facets of your thought processes. And, within a matter of a few sessions, be able to utilize the system to smooth out the rough spots in your own life, as well as guide those around you.


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How this works:

When you sign up for training, you will be asked which day of the week is the best for your exclusive telephone session with your mentor. You will receive one lesson per week by email. The first lesson will arrive shortly after your payment has been processed, but, thereafter each lesson will arrive in your email box the day after your previous telephone session was to take place.


When your first lesson has been received, your mentor will make a short telephone call to get acquainted and schedule the time of day for the phone call. (He will make the call.) Between the times you receive your lesson and you talk with your mentor, he will expect that you have read the material and have any questions written down to discuss during the call. (Don't worry. The written material is deceptively short, but, when it is discussed, the full value will come forth.)


The subject discussed on each call will entail only that in the current lesson, plus any hold-over that was agreed on from the week(s) before.


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Pay for the complete year's training with certificate of completion. $1250 (Save $250)


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